New York Times has the receipts on Matt Gaetz

Over the past three days, the news has kept getting worse for Matt Gaetz in terms of the number and severity of the federal crimes he’s being investigated for. The only thing missing from these reports: the evidence against him. We’ve kept waiting for that evidence to emerge, and now the New York Times says it has the receipts.

The NY Times says that Gaetz allegedly gave everything from cash to drugs to various women in exchange for sex – and the Times says it’s reviewed text messages and payment receipts to support this allegation. This helps provide context to CNN’s separate report this evening that Gaetz is being investigated on prostitution-related crimes. Notably, the NYT says that giving women drugs in exchange for sex can be legally considered sex trafficking, if they’re drug addicted to begin with.

This is all in addition to the allegation that one of the “women” was actually a seventeen year old girl, which would make Gaetz guilty of underage sex trafficking if he transported her across state lines.

So now the criminal case against Matt Gaetz is becoming more clear. He’s accused of illegal sexual activity with women who were of age, and he’s accused of sexual activity with one or more underage girls. And there are receipts that, according to the NY Times, confirm Gaetz paid at least some of them with cash in exchange for sex. This just keeps getting uglier, and more disturbing.

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