Lindsey Graham is falling apart

Lindsey Graham thinks we are not very smart. When pressed for a statement about the impending second impeachment trial of the deposed orange one, his response was a perfect encapsulation of the cancerous hypocrisy that will ultimately be his party’s undoing.

“For the party to move forward, we got to move the party with Donald Trump. There’s no way to be a successful Republican Party without having President Trump working with all of us and all of us working with him. That’s just a fact. And I think we got a decent chance of coming back in 2022. But we can’t do it without the President.”

Perhaps Mr. Graham needs to be reminded of his own words, tweeted on May 3, 2016. “If we nominate Trump we will get destroyed. And we will deserve it.”

I also refer Graham to the words of his distinguished colleague from Utah. “We’re asked to apply impartial justice. We’re not asked to apply impartial justice unless it hurts your party,” said Mitt Romney.

Lawmakers swear a solemn oath to defend the Constitution, not their political party. These public statements by Graham should be referred to the Senate Ethics Committee for a thorough investigation of his humiliating dereliction of duty.

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