Dr. Fauci has good news

Now that we have a real President of the United States who believes in science and truth, Dr. Anthony Fauci was finally allowed to appear on the Rachel Maddow show tonight. Maddow said she’d been trying for a significant amount of time, and Fauci said that the previous administration had simply “blocked” him because it didn’t like Maddow’s show.

Dr. Fauci appeared excited during his appearance, perhaps due to his newfound ability to simply go on television and speak the truth without having to clear it with the previous President. Fauci also brought good news.

Fauci stated his expectation that the Johnson & Johnson single-dose COVID vaccine will likely be approved within the next two weeks, which will give the U.S. three vaccines in circulation. Fauci also stated that the total number of approved vaccines could end up climbing to six.

Dr. Fauci also spoke of an eventual seven to ten day antiviral treatment that could be administered to people as soon as they show COVID symptoms, thus potentially keeping them out of the hospital. He also pointed to ongoing research to try to find treatments for COVID “long haulers” who have survived the virus but are still having serious symptoms months later.

The pandemic is still raging out of control in the United States as we speak. It’s more important than ever that everyone wear a mask, social distance, and avoid indoor gatherings until the vaccination rate reaches critical mass. The good news is that, based on what Fauci has shared tonight, the vaccine cavalry is coming.

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