Turns out Donald Trump was criminally conspiring with DOJ to overthrow election – exposed just in time for his trial

Once he lost by seven million votes and the Supreme Court shut him down, Donald Trump wasn’t going to be able to magically overthrow the election result no matter how many crimes he tried committing or how much violence he incited. But tonght it’s becoming clear just how many laws Trump did break in his futile effort.

After Bill Barr resigned and Jeffrey Rosen became Acting Attorney General, Trump and DOJ lawyer Jeffrey Clark planned to oust Rosen and replace him with Clark. Clark would then abuse his position to try to magically overthrow the election result. This is all according to the New York Times, which says that the plot came to a halt when the DOJ senior leadership threatened to resign over it.

It’s important to underscore that this wouldn’t have helped Trump any – but it’s still election fraud. If the reporting holds up, we imagine Clark will end up criminally charged over this. And this is coming out in time to be fully fleshed out before Trump’s Senate impeachment trial on February 8th. The odds of him being convicted may have just gone up.

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