Donald Trump Jr is unwell

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There is a book I read many years ago that always stuck with me. It is called “I’m OK-You’re OK” by Thomas Anthony Harris. First published in 1967, it is a self-help book aimed at helping people solve complex problems and issues and discover new ways of looking at the world through the lens of an “I’m OK-You’re OK” mindset.

It’s a great book, and I took it to heart. And it’s a book I’d like to see Donald Trump Junior read, although I realize the spoiled tot most likely has more important things to do like insult people and lie.

I mention this book for two reasons. One, I often like to draw on analogies in my writing, as many of you know. And two, because Trump Junior is a perfect example of the “I’m OK-You’re NOT OK” mindset. It’s one of the more unhealthy versions of looking at the world and explained in the book mentioned above.

The insurrectionist’s son is a condescending baby who hates anyone who isn’t like him, which is essentially most individuals. Now he has done it again.

Junior is mocking Democrats for wanting Police Reform. Of course, the misguided tot mistakes the words “Police reform” for “defund the Police”. He has mocked the George Floyd Verdict with a meme of the movie “Die Hard” and made statements like this one: “Watch out for protests at Nakatomi Plaza.”

And this one: “When Democrats are in charge, no one is safe.”

Donnie Junior has no intellectual capacity to look at his behavior, and I am doubtful he has even heard of this book, let alone read it. But his personality is textbook for the “‘I’m OK-You’re not OK” state of mind. It’s a mindset that is highly unappealing. Luckily, as Senior Insurrectionist Trump fades into oblivion, it appears his bratty son isn’t too far behind.

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