Kyrsten Sinema is in trouble

Senator Kyrsten Sinema is in deep trouble. The Arizona Senator has been steadfast in her refusal to eliminate the filibuster. And now she is facing furious push-back — from her own party. The Arizona Democratic Party announced over the weekend that it is mulling over a “no confidence” vote on Senator Sinema.

A “no-confidence vote” is a vote that the politician being voted on is not fit to hold their current position.

Here is part of the statement: “While we want Senator Sinema to be SUCCESSFUL, her argument that the filibuster protects the rights of minorities has become laughable in the face of Republican state legislators’ actions on voting rights, public health during the pandemic and abortion rights.”

The committee went on to say they will be closely monitoring Sinema’s votes on specific critical issues in the upcoming weeks.

Sinema would do well to heed their words. Her popularity has plummeted, and real doubts have emerged as to whether she can even be reelected due to her very unpopular and obstinate refusal to help her party help this country.


So what will the Arizona Senator do? Only she can answer that question — but you can help by flooding her office with calls. Be courteous but explain why these issues are so vitally important to you and the country. The next few weeks should tell us quite a lot about where this motion ends up.

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