Former guy strikes again

The New York Times published an article Monday morning showing the partisan gap with COVID-19. It demonstrated how those areas that voted for the Orange Florida Man (OFM) tended to be the ones with the lowest levels of vaccinations and hit the hardest by COVID-19. Overall, in the United States the average daily rate of COVID-19 deaths in GQP leaning counties has drastically shot up over the past two months. While there’s been a jump in COVID-19 deaths in Democratic leaning counties it remains much lower and not shooting upwards to the extent it has in GQP counties.

OFM and the GQP are largely responsible for this mass increase. OFM treated the disease as a joke almost from day one. Meanwhile his minions such as Reynolds, Noem, Abbott, De Santis, and so on paid lip service to getting vaccinated, but pushed back any serious efforts to get people vaccinated or mitigate COVID-19. Then you had cannons of douche like Ron Johnson actively pushing misinformation on the vaccines. And of course ,there’s the reich wing religious apparatus that is going out of its way to push back against vaccination and mitigation.

Meanwhile, nearly every Democratic politician from the President on down has pushed hard for people to get vaccinated. More mainstream and left leaning religious organizations have actively pushed for vaccination. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Pope Francis, Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, and other religious leaders have actively promoted vaccines as a way for one to care for their fellow human beings.


I think that shows in a nutshell the difference between the parties. The more liberal are not perfect but act of concern for their fellow human beings. Meanwhile those who support people like OFM and the GQP really have little concern about others unless it’s politically advantageous.

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