Matt Gaetz gives away that he knows he’s totally screwed

Matt Gaetz keeps publicly insisting that he’s been exonerated, even though no such thing has happened. ABC News and other sources have made clear that the only reason he hasn’t been indicted yet is that his associate Joel Greenberg gave prosecutors too much evidence, and it’s taking time to work through it all and build an even more comprehensive criminal case, thus increasing the odds of Gaetz being convicted at trial.

Now, even as Gaetz’s words keep insisting he’s out of danger and not worried about any of it, his actions are saying the precise opposite. The Daily Beast has revealed that Gaetz has hired a criminal defense attorney whose other clients have included child rapist Jeffrey Epstein and at least one sex trafficker.


This strongly points to Gaetz expecting to be indicted and put on trial for these kinds of crimes. It’s been clear for awhile that Gaetz will be indicted. But we’ve been wondering if Gaetz really would be indicted for things like underage sex trafficking, or if the indictment would merely include less severe but more easily provable charges. Now it looks like Gaetz is indeed expecting to be put on trial for the very worst of charges he’s being investigated for.

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