Kevin McCarthy’s endgame

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What is Kevin McCarthy’s endgame on the House Select Committee to investigate the January 6th attack on the Capitol? He pulled his snickering, sophomoric “own the Libs” ploy of naming GOP Utility Stooge Gym Jordan as one of his picks for the Committee, knowing full well that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may smack him down.

So Republicans would then whine and moan and say how unfair it is that a known seditionist, who reportedly attended pre-January 6th planning meetings with Trump and his gang, is not to be able to participate in an investigation of the origins of the Insurrection. Imagine the insights he could bring!

Then they’ll accuse Nancy Pelosi of “politicizing” the Special Committee, after Senate Republicans had refused entreaties to establish a bipartisan Commission. Never mind that the Committee will be investigating an event that, itself, was a hyper-partisan attempt to derail the workings of government for the benefit of the GOP’s Tangerine Tyrant.

The fact that McCarthy announced his Committee picks after making a pilgrimage to Trump’s N.J. golf hideaway, amidst rumors he was consulting with Trump on that very subject, reveals McCarthy’s bad faith in putting forth Jordan. (And as an aside, how pathetic are House Republicans, that they regard Jordan as their “must have” member of every significant committee, from Judiciary to 1st Impeachment to Jan 6? The idea that he is the best they have to offer is sad, but telling.)

There are credible reports that McCarthy was legitimately incensed at Trump during the January 6th Insurrection for refusing to call off his MAGA dogs as the Capitol was under siege. Why would McCarthy not want to find out what really happened? Isn’t he the least bit curious about how it came together and the conspirators who made it happen? Why cast aside his fury over seeing his institution and his members forced to stop their official business while a renegade band of misfits attacked one of the key foundations of our democracy – the peaceful transfer of power? If that isn’t something to take seriously and not treat as just another political game, then what is?

This is the second obsequious pilgrimage to Trump’s “temporary headquarters” McCarthy has made, first to Mar-a-Lago, and now to Bedminster. What is his purpose? Is it just another cynical ploy to retain for the GOP the radical base that Trump had riled up and unleashed on McCarthy and his colleagues just a few short months ago? Or was it more personal? Did McCarthy read his House Republican Caucus and realize he has no chance of being elected Speaker, even if Republicans regain control of the House, unless he sucks up to Trump and his minions?

Trump and McCarthy are like the class bully and his stooge who think they’re outsmarting the teacher with their latest prank, but in fact, the teacher (Pelosi) is undoubtedly on to them. Does McCarthy really think he can divert attention from the Republican origins of the January 6th Insurrection by trying to install somebody who was involved, will be a witness, and in any event, is known only for hyper-partisan blowhardsmanship? Or does he believe that Jordan, the Sgt. Schultz of the locker room (“I see nothing! Nothing!!”) will be able to hide the misdeeds of his Republican colleagues as if they’re just another team doctor abusing those entrusted to his care?

The truth will come out, and it will be ugly for Trump and the Republicans. McCarthy likely knows this. So, does he really think he can save the GOP by trying to make a farce out of something that most Americans believe to be a very serious matter? Does he believe he can delay the inevitable uncovering of the truth behind January 6th long enough for Republicans to make gains in the 2022 mid-term elections? Or, possibly, does he have no clue, and is just doing what Trump wants in order to curry favor with the most radical wacko wing of his party?

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