Donald Trump melts down about Mitch McConnell as it all goes wrong for him

Donald Trump has always thought himself the smartest man in the room. He is not even close. In fact, he is likely the dumbest man in the room. Trump is, of course, the first one to point fingers, even as he points three back at himself. Take, for example, Newsweek’s report that Trump called Mitch McConnell a “stupid person” and a “knucklehead” because he never got rid of the filibuster. McConnell is an ass, but he is far from stupid.

Trump is still reeling from McConnell’s senate floor speech placing blame for the January 6 insurrection squarely on Trump. Even though McConnell was correct in his assessment, Trump is one of those people who cannot handle the truth, especially if it is something negative about him. Since he cannot find anything with which to hit back at McConnell, he now calls him stupid because he did not end the filibuster. Trump really does not know how any of this works, does he? Had McConnell gotten rid of the filibuster, Democrats could be passing every proposed law in their books, which Republicans would have hated. Trump does not seem to understand all the clichés that explain this: The river flows both ways, and so does the road.

In Trump’s ignorant reasoning, killing the filibuster would “get everything.” Yes, it would have, and it would work in Democrats’ favor now. As a result, Republicans have no interest in ending the filibuster, and McConnell responded that “two-thirds of the Republican caucus would oppose ending it.” It is hard to “run” anything when you have such limited knowledge. In 2018, according to Newsweek, McConnell tried to explain the simple logic behind ending the filibuster, and with Democrats now in power, he is glad to have it as a fallback. Democrats do have the majority and could end the filibuster right now, but that would require getting Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema on board, which is about as likely to happen as Republicans willingly joining the Democratic agenda, but Trump cannot say just one dumb thing and walk away.


Newsweek reported that Trump blames McConnell for not convincing Manchin to join the Republican Party. What is wrong with this man? If Manchin wanted to change parties, he could easily do that. For some reason, he wants to remain as a Democrat, even if it is in name only. As Newsweek stated, Manchin’s seemingly bipartisan agenda is what has kept him in office for 10 years in a decidedly red state. Trump will always be Trump, and he has no qualms about putting his foot in his mouth, telling Vanity Fair that Mitch McConnell is “a stupid person” who is “not smart enough.” He is obviously smarter than Trump since he has held his office for 36 years while Trump could barely hold onto four. Consider the source. He bragged his way through the Vanity Fair interview, though he has little in the way of bragging rights. Hopefully, once New York indicts him, he can brag about having the best cell on the block.

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