Ron Desantis is spiraling out of control

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It was a year filled with horror. People lived in dread. They lived in fear of what the mob would do. The mob was a living, breathing entity of hate. They came for the people, one by one. It mattered little what the people said or how they defended themselves. The mob was ghoulish. Sanity had been ripped from them as paranoia drove their every movement.

It was a terrible time to live in the villages of New England. It was particularly nightmarish to live in Salem. It was 1692 when it started. It was 1693 when it ended. More than 200 people were accused. Many of them perished, deemed witches by a hysterical mob lost to madness. Fast forward to 2021. It is not that different.

The mob is angry once again. It seems many of them have learned little since that horrible time of the Salem Witch trials. And one of the mob leaders is Governor Ron DeSantis. The Florida Governor is one of the leaders of a calculated and nasty attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci.

This past week, the mob leader made a taunting speech against this wonderful man. He urged conservatives to buy merchandise emblazoned with Fauci Hate statements. Luckily, this time people spoke out. Perhaps, after all, we had learned something.

The Orlando Sentinel had had enough. So they published a powerful editorial: “We’re begging you, Gov. DeSantis, stop messing in Texas and save Florida from COVID,” it started.

You see, the hate leader had not been around much. He has been busy in Texas trying to look tough on the border.

The editorial begged DeSantis to stop the attacks on Fauci. Meanwhile, the Delta variant is doing its work. New COVID cases are up nearly twenty percent in the beautiful state of Florida.

The deaths are up there as well. The state has the highest overall daily death count. And where is the Governor? What is he doing? He is doing nothing. He doesn’t care. His mind is on satiating the hateful mob. Ron DeSantis must be voted out.

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