Kevin McCarthy gives away just what a joke he is

Have you ever had the non-pleasure of witnessing passive-aggression? Passive aggression in its purest form can be a miserable and hurtful way to lash out.

One of the ways passive-aggressive people lash out is by making a statement that, on its surface, appears shockingly cruel. And then, when confronted, they laugh it away, explaining they were “only joking.”

This puts the person on the defensive — because many become too intimidated to challenge the “joking” statement.

In many cases, the passive-aggression escalates. The type of person who does this often has difficulty expressing anger (or they’re just sick), so they attack with pointed barbs, which they can later say were “just a joke.”

It is a low-down dirty way to argue — psychological warfare at its finest.

I imagine almost everyone has been on the receiving end of the passive-aggressive person at least a time or two.

But it is not only people who argue this way. Sometimes Non-News stations can do it as well. And one of those stations is doing it right now. We were all disgusted and repelled by Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s despicable comment about hitting Speaker Pelosi with the gavel.

The non-news hate station is vigorously defending McCarthy (passive-aggressive, insurrection party, hell). “Dems lash out after reported joke by McCarthy” was the writing on the screen. This is deeply concerning and only shows us once again why this hate network should not have a platform.

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