Donald Trump’s big gamble

Here’s the thing… He thought for sure that he was going to get away with it. He was playing the odds but he reckoned that the odds of succeeding with the insurrection, the over-turning of the 2020 election for POTUS. That’s the thing. The thing that should terrify us.

Donald J. Trump is a lifelong scofflaw. His former mentor in skirting criminality was Roy Cohn. The same Roy Cohn who was the behind-the-scenes engine of Joseph McCarthy and the Commie witch-hunt which ruined careers and lives. Cohn was Trump’s consiglieri; the same job that Michael Cohen would hold for a decade. Roy Cohn.

Under Cohn’s tutelage, Trump learned that swinging the judge to your side was the key to avoiding civil and criminal accountability. That’s why he focused on packing the courts with judges he deemed controllable. The single ‘accomplishment’ that Trump could be credited for is the number of judges he railroaded onto benches during his blighted stewardship. No fewer than three Supreme Court Justices.

With so many of ‘his’ judges on the courts, he intuited that his ploy would work. It was a grift that would not only put dosh into his coffers, it was a maneuver that had a good chance of putting him back in power. With the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Boys, the Oath Keepers and the other ammosexual nutters as his ground troops, he was certain that his MAGA-allies in Congress acting as 5th columnists, would sabotage the orderly transfer of power and throw the whole magilla into doubt. Surely, that pious puke, Pence, would be compliant! Into the resulting chaos he would insert himself as the Champion and win(!) despite losing.

The Select Committee must subpoena all the phone calls between the White House and Congressional members and their staffs. Mo Brooks has dropped a huge clue by referring to the planning meetings in the Oval Office prior to the insurrection. Gym Jordan bumbled his way to admitting that he had had a phone conversation with Trump on that fateful day and probably every single day leading up to the storming of the Capitol.

‘The Truth will out’ but, here’s the thing…
 Trump was dead sure that he’d get away with overthrowing the Republic. That should terrify all of us.

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