Jim Jordan just got his butt handed to him

Gym Jordan (Q-Idiot), who along with the likes of Matt Gaetz (Q-Pervert) has one of the most backpfeifengesicht (face in need of punching) in all of Congress has gotten his ass handed to him by a long and distinguished line of people. You can now add former RNC Chairman Michael Steele to the mix, who took Gym to town over his BS about talking to Orange Florida Man (OFM) during the January 6 terrorist attack and had (disturbing mental image alert) a rather graphic opinion of how Gym was acting.

Even though he helped lead the GQP back in the day when it was still the GOP, Steele is no OFM fan. He has spoken against the GQP and OFM both before and after he left office. And reacted with horror when OFM’s Branch Trumpvidian followers staged a terrorist attack on the Capitol.

So, when Gym started hemming and hawing about whether he spoke to OFM on January 6, Steele responded, “You know, b****, what time you called the president, and you know what you said.” He went on to say Gym was acting like someone who had just been busted pleasuring himself by his mother. (God no amount of brain bleach will ever get rid of that mental image of Gym doing that to himself. Thanks Michael).

While Gym and the rest of the GQP try to deny and deflect when it comes to the terrorist attack they helped to take place, it’s vital that people keep up the heat on them. It’s vital that Gym and any other GQP members of Congress be held accountable for what they did, and they must be called the hell out. And it’s always fun to watch Gym getting his ass handed to him.

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