Kevin McCarthy can’t handle what’s happening to him right now

What is House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy going to do? McCarthy (Insurrection Party-California) is going through some things right now. He cannot contain his caucus from spreading their hateful rhetoric. Right in front of his eyes, some House members seem intent on bringing their own version of the Ku Klux Klan to Congress with their ridiculous “Anglo-Saxon” focus. He has Matt Gaetz being investigated by the FBI with television cameras camped out in front of the office of Gaetz.

McCarthy has Jim Crow voter suppression legislation popping up everywhere. He has sane members of his party (Liz Cheney) at odds with insane members (most of the others.) And topping it off, he has the former guy lurking silently in the background, watching all this unfold, ready to spring forward and verbally destroy McCarthy if he makes one wrong move.

The GOP is disintegrating right before clueless Kevin’s eyes. What is he doing? What can he do? Nothing.

Right now, the California Congressman is doing the minimum. McCarthy clearly hates being in the spotlight on any of these issues and is most likely just trying to hold things together while silently hoping all the baggage goes away.

Only that is not going to happen. In fact, it is going to get worse. None of the above-mentioned issues will go away on their own. And McCarthy’s “quiet as a mouse” routine will not work forever because there are elections to be lost or won in 2022.


McCarthy is not proving himself to be an effective leader with his silence. Still, then again, I suppose it would be tough for anyone trying to lead a caucus filled with screaming, hateful insurrectionist deniers. And as McCarthy’s silence grows and the elections loom, the fate of the GOP is looking grim.

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