The inside man in the January 6th Capitol attack

While the horrific events of the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol are still on the minds of many – Republicans are coming up with a whitewashed version of the events that happened that day – desperately trying to spin a failed right-wing coup as a mostly peaceful protest that didn’t cost the lives of five police officers.

One reason for the desperate downplaying of the failed insurrection is that judges are beginning to hear the cases of the participants, and Republicans running for office in 2021 and 2022 are hoping that swing voters aren’t paying attention, the other is that the entire episode is likely to generate the wrong headlines for the GOP yet again – and already things are seeming much more horrific than we first thought.

Anyone paying close attention as the siege unfolded would have the suspicion that there was someone on the inside who was helping them – and it certainly appears that way with certain members of Congress inciting the insurrectionists as they tore through the Capitol. Now, it’s been revealed that U.S. intelligence agencies had reason to believe that an attack was imminent on January 6 and released a report that was not shared with the U.S. Capitol Police in time for them to prepare.


Far from just being some protest, the report detailed that violent extremists were expected to be in D.C. This makes the repeated refusal by the Trump administration to deploy the National Guard much more ominous. This is coming out just before Congress begins its own investigation of the attacks and we suspect it won’t be the last truth bomb we get before the investigation commences.

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