Kamala Harris comes out swinging

Vice President Kamala Harris was interviewed on CNN Sunday morning. Without prompting, she decided to speak on President Biden’s decision making process, when asked if she was there when he decided to pull our troops out of Afghanistan.

She was there, and is always the last person to leave the room, just as President Biden was when he served as VP with President Obama. She stressed that it was not an easy decision, and President Biden knew it would not be a popular decision. He has political advisors telling him what is or isn’t in his best interest politically, the same as other Presidents have, but that is not the driving force in his decisions.

She spoke of President Biden’s extraordinary courage, which he has shown time and time again, and how he strives to do what his convictions and years of experience tell him is right, regardless of how it may affect him personally or politically, which he is acutely aware of. She said it was amazing to watch, and she wished the public could see him in action the way she does. It was so cool the way she gave us a glimpse of what it was like to witness a great man doing great things.

I’m so grateful we have this team running things with so much grace, humanity and integrity — that word is thrown around a lot, but if the former guy taught us anything, it was that integrity is necessary in the White House. These two truly have it in spades.

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