Matt Gaetz freaks out

And now another installment in the continuing implosion of the Venmo loving Floridian who is Matt Gaetz. Gaetz (High Haired-Florida) is continuing his attacks on CNN while the FBI continues their investigation into…into WHAT? Well, lots of stuff, apparently.

Gaetz is being investigated for everything from underage escorts, to illegal Venmo payments, to taking gifts in return for political favors. At this point, the better question would be: what is Gaetz not being investigated for?

Many are sick of reading about him. I understand that, but it is the Palmer Report’s responsibility to call out the crookedness and the sleaze of corrupt politicians. Though he has not yet been charged with anything, the Gaetz investigation is an important story as it tells the tale of a narcissistic and sleazy individual who cannot apparently keep himself out of trouble for even the briefest of time.

Gaetz does not seem to have much of a defense. He has taken to regular attacks on CNN. This is unfathomable because there are dozens of other media organizations reporting on this lurid story, including Palmer Report. Except for Troll TV (Fox News), every News Outlet seems to be reporting on it.

Yet Gaetz has chosen to target CNN. It appears he cannot stop tweeting about them. In his latest move, the desperate Venmo fan has posted this: “CNN is the deep fake.”


He has posted this exact tweet before. It sounds like a sullen baby spewing words that make no sense which shows how much of a failure his PR campaign is going. This scandal is going to be a drip drip situation no matter how annoyed it makes the Congressman. At this point, I suspect what we have heard is just the tip of the iceberg.

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