They’re naysayers. That’s the word to describe the GQP as a whole; naysayers. They say ‘No’ to everything proposed to improve the lives of Americans. Expand Medicaid/Medicare? No. Welcome Afghan refugees? No. Protect the right to vote? No! Enact more stringent, sensible gun regulation? NO! Get the jabs. Wear a mask! No fucking way!

Mitch McConnell bragged that he would sand-bag everything that came to the Senate. That was one of his stump speech catch phrases: ‘I stymied Obama’. Mitch; the self-declared Grim Reaper of any and all bills authored by Democrats.
Naysayers. Obstructionists.

There something more than just politics as usual here. There is a giant whopping dollop of spite involved. Spite was the essence of the Former Guy; it was his core attribute. Mitch and the GQP dug his style and emulated that wicked spirit. They took to spite like a fish takes to water.

Now, they find they’re drowning in it. The ‘Big Lie’, itself, was nothing more than a desperate effort to save the ego of the unflushable Orange Turd. The GQP said ‘No!’ to the most secure general election in American history. Then they kicked their support of the Big Lie into over-drive; they became spiteful.

After more than fifty failed court cases, the GQP naysaying became a group exercise in spite. Out of spite, Fruity Rudy Ghouliani held his infamous press conference in a strip mall next to a dildo emporium knowing full well that he wasn’t at the Four Seasons Resort. Out of spite, the Kraken lawyers, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood filed frivolous lawsuits citing the long-dead Hugo Chavez and Communist Money (?) as something or other that makes sense only to someone as delusional and addle-pated as Ms Powell.

She and Mr Woods will more than likely be disbarred for such audacious, outrageous and unbecoming misconduct. Fruity Rudy has already been suspended from practicing Law in New York and in Washington, D.C. Such is the reward for petitioning the court with spiteful stupidity.

Let’s reward the GQP by electing not a single, solitary Republican for any office from dog-catcher to Congress in 2022 and beyond. Say ‘Nay!’ to the GQP.

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