Ron DeSantis suffers major blow in court

Palmer Report has spent all of 2021 pointing out how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is in over his head. He keeps making arrogant yet clueless moves that can’t possibly work out well for him. He’s picking the wrong battles and he doesn’t know how to win them, which is why his approval rating and poll numbers keep dropping.

Today we saw a perfect example of DeSantis blowing it by trying to be a strongman but falling flat on his face instead. Florida Judge John Cooper has ruled that school districts can require students to wear masks. This strikes down one of DeSantis’ central political positions, which was that school districts should be punished if they try to force students to wear masks.

This was already a losing battle for DeSantis, given that polling shows a large majority of Floridians want masks in schools. This would have been a losing battle for DeSantis even if he’d been able to pull it off. But now he’s managed to actually lose the battle.


This goes to show just how weak and ineffective Ron DeSantis is in his efforts to mimic Donald Trump. DeSantis is a lightweight fool. Today’s defeat will make him even more vulnerable when it comes to his reelection bid in Florida in 2022. Some polls already have him on track to lose – and he’ll likely continue to self destruct.

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