Joe Biden isn’t going to take no for an answer on this

Mitch McConnell has no intention of letting anything close to Biden’s American Jobs plan, much less the American Families Plan, pass through the Senate.

The former guy proposed a $2 trillion infrastructure plan twice while he was still in office and never was able to drum a majority of GOP votes for it. He never had a chance of even bringing it to the floor for a vote, and it was his only proposal that would have truly helped working class people. What on earth makes Joe Manchin think he can get true compromise and agreement on this when the former guy couldn’t even get his own party to agree to it?

Republicans will never support Biden’s passage of any truly beneficial infrastructure plan that would only add to Biden’s success in the eyes of the public, catapulting voters support for Democrats, possibly for decades. Republicans simply don’t care that Americans want and need the benefits that Biden’s plans would provide and have overwhelmingly supported paying for them with the tax hikes Biden proposes — that’s just another reason McConnell will never let it happen in a bipartisan manner.

And Republicans are even trying to start a culture war over certain portions of Biden’s American Families Plan. They’re fear-mongering that Democrats are trying to indoctrinate our youth into favoring Democratic policies and ideology, starting from kindergarten. It’s crazy to think Republicans might actually believe this is all just some evil, diabolical plan to brainwash Americans to become Democrats, but sadly that is just the sort of conspiratorial attack today’s GOP base might actually go for. This is all the more reason for Biden to succeed so he can show Americans how much government can actually benefit all of us, and some already agree.

The timing is so right for Biden’s big bold plans. Americans are ready for it but all Republicans have to offer is a big blockade obstructing it. Chuck Schumer has said, “If and when it becomes clear that Republicans won’t join us in big, bold action,” he will move for Democrats to push it through on their own, same as he did the American Rescue Plan. Schumer is well aware that Republicans will only obstruct and delay. “So far, we have stayed in the fight,” said Schumer. “Is it easy? No. Are there often bumps in the road and detours? Yes. But we have gotten it done – and we will get big, bold action.”

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