Trump advisers admit they know they’re all going down now that Rudy Giuliani is a goner

The raid of Rudy Giuliani’s home means that the Feds already had enough evidence to nail him before they raided him, or else they wouldn’t have been able to get the raid warrant. So now Rudy’s downfall is just on the horizon – and Trump’s other advisers have started to figure out that they’re all going down.

Trump advisers are now admitting to CNN that they now understand that the Department of Justice is coming after all of them who committed crimes – which is basically all of them. Word from the inside is that Trump’s people have a “sense of fear” that this is indeed going to be seen all the way through.

This isn’t surprising to hear. The minute Trump was declared the loser of the election, it was a given that the DOJ would end up taking Trump and all of his criminal associates down. There was never a different possible outcome. Now we know that even Trump’s own people can see what’s about to happen to them.

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