This is just ugly for Mitt Romney

Many things in this world defy logic. These things usually don’t have any rational explanation. And one of those things has to do with Senator Mitt Romney (Republican-Utah).

Senator Romney has never been my favorite person. I felt he ran a terrible campaign during his 2012 Presidential run. But over the last few years, he has succeeded in winning my respect – a little.

Whatever we may think about Romney, it is essential to remember that he voted to impeach the former guy. And he voted to do this twice.

Romney has also broken with the GOP in other ways. He has spoken out against extremism, and he has supported Black Lives Matter.

Of course, he has his reasons for doing this, and many suspect he intends to take another Presidential run himself. Nonetheless, he has done a great deal more than almost any of his fellow Republicans. And how have they paid him back?

By booing him and yelling at him. This happened at the Utah Republican Party Convention. When Romney stepped on stage to speak at the convention, he was cursed, booed, insulted, and berated.

With screams of “Traitor!” and “communist” ringing out at him, Romney tried to reason with the crowd. But every time he tried to speak, he was greeted with more jeers. Finally, Romney had had enough, asking the jeering audience: “aren’t you embarrassed?”


This story tells us so much about where the insurrection party is these days. Romney should think seriously about becoming an Independent and caucusing with the Democrats. He may be resistant at first, but with the way things are going, if Romney hopes to have any political future, he’s going to have to do something because he’s become a pariah in his party. He’s become a pariah for being a decent person. That in itself tells everything we need to know about the GOP.

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