Joe Biden is gearing up for a big fight

Don Lemon interviewed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on CNN Wednesday night. Schumer appeared more energized and ready to fight than I’ve ever seen him, intent on passing stronger gun control (HR8) and sweeping federal voting rights legislation (HR1) that the vast majority of Americans are demanding, and of course will be beneficial to all Americans.

Schumer said Republicans’ efforts, suppressing and restricting the vote across the country, were “despicable.” He also said sensible gun control legislation would be put on the floor of the Senate for debate and an actual vote. Schumer emphasized that this is a new Senate, and Republicans can no longer hide behind McConnell.

Since President Biden leads largely by example, and works closely with him, Schumer’s energy is a really good sign Biden will also be energized and ready for his first full press conference Thursday afternoon.

Biden certainly has a lot on his plate, but has reportedly been spending some time preparing for the press conference. When recently asked about it, he joked, “What press conference?” I know it’s a bit of a corny joke but I just love how Biden is able to have moments of humor and humanity while under extreme pressure due to forces beyond his control. I’m also sure the entire White House is energized knowing Biden’s approval rating recently surged to 66% and that their hard work is paying off. We’re here rooting for all of you!

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