The sun is finally shining in America – but the storm is on the horizon

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This is such a unique and self-contradictory moment in American history, it’s difficult to even categorize it, because there’s perhaps no frame of reference for what we’re currently living through. President Biden’s press conference yesterday was a strong reminder that we’re in ultra-capable hands, and that numerous major concerns in this country are getting better all at once.

In that sense, the sun is finally shining in America. That’s true in the metaphorical sense, in that mass vaccinations and economic relief are here. It’s also true in the literal sense, considering how many Americans have spent the past year barely being able to leave the house, and are now finally on the verge of being able to safely venture out in the midst of a new normal.

But just as brightly as President Biden’s press conference shined yesterday, there were stark reminders that storms are on the horizon. These egregious state-level voter suppression bills make it all the more important that we find a way to pass HR1 into law on a federal level. We’ll get there. It’ll happen, with hard work. But we still have people in positions of power who are working full-time against the American ideal, even as we’re still putting together the pieces of what the former guy broke.

We knew all along that if we won the 2020 election and ousted the former guy, the real work would then begin, in terms of cleaning up his mess, and in terms of finishing off his remaining henchmen and acolytes. This is still, metaphorically, a war. And this is what winning a war looks like. It’s ugly. It’s messy. Winning simply means you’re still standing after the other side has fallen.

You’d rather be our side, in control of the federal government and advancing our agenda, than be the other side, out of power and reduced to desperate scheming to try to find a way back to relevance. But now isn’t the time to rest. Nor is it a time for panic, lament, or fatalism. Now is the time for us to fight more fiercely than ever. We have the upper hand. We’re in control. We just have to keep fighting off the storm.

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