Jim Jordan goes completely off the rails

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Jim Jordan has never been the smartest of Congressmen. A fervent Trump supporter and promoter of lies, Congressman Jordan’s favorite thing to do appears to be be screaming incoherently as he tries to make whatever asinine point he is promoting at the moment.

But now even Jordan has gone a wee bit to far to put it mildly! In an appearance on Fox News, Jordan declared the most serious thing happening in the country right now is… wait for it… cancel culture!

That’s right people. Unemployment is out of control. Covid is still an ever present danger, especially with even more contagious variants being discovered. The domestic terrorism problem is completely out of control and the Covid vaccination process has been much slower then originally anticipated, mainly due to the incompetence of the former administration. But, in the mind of Jim Jordan. none of that seems to matter. Cancel Culture is what’s destroying the nation.

One presumes the ghoulish Congressman is referring to Republican cancel culture. No matter. Whatever it is he meant, Jordan is yet another example of how far the Republican party has fallen. Perhaps if the Congressman got off his ass, stopped appearing on Fox News and actually did the hard work of helping his constituents, he might have a different answer next time he is asked that question.

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