Marjorie Taylor Greene is more out of control than ever

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wears her removal from congressional committees as a badge of honor. There’s no honor in undignified behaviors like Greene’s, but we expect as much from shameless people with no morals. The same day she went before her colleagues and half-renounced, but never took responsibility for, some of the demented things she’s said, she sent out a fundraising nudge that depicted her as the real victim. She has no remorse for disrespecting murdered school children, harassing traumatized minors, accusing Jews of using “Jewish space lasers” to start wildfires, supporting the execution of Democratic leaders, using the r-word as a slur, or cavalierly calling those who disagree with her “pedos.”

The list isn’t exhaustive, although we’re exhausted after her mere four, but destructive, weeks in Congress. Greene does nothing good for the country, and she certainly does nothing for her constituents in GA-14. It’s just as well she’s no longer on any committees, as she adds no value to any conversation – she lacks the intelligence, integrity, or sanity to do so.

What Greene is doing now is solidifying her own notoriety and infamy, and using it to fundraise from baser elements. It would be good if Greene could take her rebuke in the House of representatives, learn from it, change her behaviors, and maybe even keep her mouth and Twitter account quiet for a bit. Alas, Greene is like Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) and will use the admonition to claim victimhood, censorship, and as a way to fill her coffers.


Greene has ensured that she is the face of the QAnon party. Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) is correct when he says that removing Greene from committees is a “good first step.” He’s also correct in saying that “it’s not enough” as he continues to push for her expulsion.

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