Republican State Senator says idiotic tweet about marijuana came from impostor account

Twitter was abuzz on Saturday when Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase posted a tweet warning everyone about the dangers of marijuana overdose – which isn’t a real thing. Now Chase is claiming it wasn’t a real tweet either, as she’s claiming it came from an impostor account.

This is usually what someone claim whenever they say something embarrassing and then want to pretend they didn’t really say it. But in this instance it looks like it may have actually happened for once. Chase has spent years tweeting from the account @AmandaChaseVA which has about eight thousand followers. But the @SenAmandaChase account, which posted the stupid marijuana tweet, appears to have one existed for about a week and only has a few hundred followers.


Senator Chase is now publicly threatening legal action against the impostor account. If @SenAmandaChase is indeed an impostor account, Twitter should take it down or clearly label it as parody. We already have enough real Republican accounts tweeting actual stupid things; we don’t need impostor Republican account tweeting fake stupid things on top of it.

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