Jim Jordan completely melts down

Congressman Jim Jordan (moron-Ohio) cannot seem to quit Dr. Fauci. Since his infamous verbal explosion where he attacked Fauci and had to be told to shut up, Jordan’s been on a roll.

He is busy explaining on Twitter why he is right, and Dr. Fauci is wrong. The good doctor is living rent-free in the freakish Congressman’s head. Jordan was never a serious Congressman. His ambitions seem more to do with being featured on Fox Entertainment (Fox News) than doing anything at all to help the American people.

After his meltdown this week, where he made himself a laughing stock, one would have thought he’d dial it back a bit. That is not happening because, like his buddies Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jordan appears not to be able to keep quiet.

So, on April 18th Jordan posted this winner: “As usual, Dr. Fauci is wrong. It has everything to do with liberty.”


Jordan needs to take a break from Dr. Fauci, as many good Twitter followers tell him. Jordan also seems to think his wrestling experience gives him a license to provide medical advice. The fact is Jordan has no degree in medicine and knows zero about COVID. For all his shrieking, most Americans know this too.

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