Mike Pompeo is finally getting what’s coming to him

Mike Pompeo doesn’t really appear to be a diva. It’s not the word that comes to mind when he is being his usual pompous self. Last December, he flatly denied claims that he was using federal employees as personal slaves, calling them “patently false” and “crazy stuff,” I do not recall this even being reported. Of course, there were more pressing concerns, such as the former guy might actually succeed in destroying our democracy and becoming our fascist leader.

Friday’s State Department inspector general report concluded the Pompeos used government employees to take care of their dog, make personal reservations and appointments, purchase gifts, make deliveries, prepare personal Christmas cards, chauffeur friends around, etc. They did this on their on and off-time, with no additional compensation.

The most serious violation found was a travel gift to Pompeo’s son, falsely deemed as “official travel.” So apparently what we have here is an entire family of thieving divas, using tax-funded government resources as slaves, and whatever else their little bitty hearts desired.

Since Pompeo is no longer in office, the report concluded he is “not subject to disciplinary or other corrective actions applicable to federal employees.” Now it’s up to the DOJ to decide whether to bring criminal charges, but Merrick Garland has made it clear that events surrounding Jan. 6th are his top priority, as it should be.

This deplorable conduct was likely rampant, so what we already knew was the most corrupt and costly administration in history is even worse, and the onion is still being peeled. At least the grift is over for us, but not their gullible donors. We will be paying for it for decades, but I’m just happy we have President Biden at the wheel now.

Pompeo and his attorney firmly denied everything, criticizing the investigation as politically motivated (I bet donors paid for his attorney). Fox News, Pompeo’s new employer, apparently did not report this story at all.

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