The last gasp of the failed pro-Trump forces

During the previous four years, the concept I found the most difficult to drive home to my fellow liberal activists was that we were in a metaphorical state of war against Trump and his treasonous allies. Too many liberals spent those four years lamenting over each battle that we lost, while ignoring the numerous battles that we won, and insisting that Trump was magically “getting away with it all.” What too many in the Resistance completely failed to understand is that in war, both sides suffer unacceptable losses – and the winner is the side that’s still standing after the other side has fallen.

Fast forward four years, and we’re still in a metaphorical state of war. Things are extraordinarily ugly, as they tend to be in the late stages of a war. But our side sure is winning the war, by a mile. We’ve already taken down the enemy leader, Donald Trump, who is now powerless and spends his time whining and fretting over his inevitable arrest. We’ve ousted Trump, Putin, and the white supremacists from the Executive Branch. We’re now using the Executive Branch to swiftly roll out a vaccine, get the economy back on track, and reverse the most horrific policies that Traitor Trump put in place while he was occupying the White House.

Yes, the pro-Trump forces are behaving more egregiously than ever. But that’s because they know they’ve lost this war. They’ve lost the 2020 election. They’ve lost Trump, who’s now in the weeds. Out of frustration they idiotically tried to invade the Capitol – an actual act of war – but this never had any chance of working for them, and now it’s forced the media to finally begin accurately portraying pro-Trump forces as the terrorist extremists they’ve always been. And now hundreds of pro-Trump forces are being arrested for their roles in that idiotic attack.

Yes, the pro-Trump forces are dangerous. But that’s because they know they’ve lost, and because some of these extreme right-wingers are mentally unstable enough to want to go down in a minor blaze of imaginary glory. Don’t for one second mistake their loud resentment at losing as a sign that they’re somehow winning. They’re the ones who lost control of the government, and failed when they violently tried to take it back. They’re the ones who are now powerless. And after years of demanding that American leaders be locked up for imaginary reasons, they’re the ones being locked up for being traitors.

These are still very dangerous times. But now that we’re so thoroughly winning this metaphorical war, it’s more important than ever to keep in mind what winning actually looks like. Team America is now in control of things and is still holding things together, despite having suffered losses along the way. Team Trump is in shambles, in control of nothing, and in the process of losing everything.


When Donald Trump himself is arrested – and yes, that is absolutely coming in New York State, whether it ever happens on a federal level or not – it should serve to suck quite a bit of the remaining oxygen from what’s left of his deranged movement. Meanwhile, Team America is continuing to enact its legislative agenda while piecing the country back together. No one ever said war was pretty. But this is what winning looks like.

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