Jamie Raskin comes out swinging

Trump’s impeachment trial has started, and it is already shaping up to be a scathing indictment on Trump. The trial was kicked off with a profoundly emotional presentation by impeachment manager Jamie Raskin.

Raskin started by arguing against the “January exception.” This exception would mean that any President could commit any high crimes and misdemeanors in the weeks before leaving office and get away with it.

Raskin’s argument was brilliant and a brutal rebuke to republican senators such as Rand Paul, who have made the argument that the trial is unconstitutional.

Raskin’s next move was to show a video presentation of the insurrection. The video is chilling and rendered me speechless. I am guessing many others felt the same. The video not only showed the insurrectionists screaming obscenities against Congress but also against the Capital police. So much for “backing the Blue”’

If I had a vote, I would indeed vote guilty just on that alone. The Democrats have made a brilliant start, and this is just the beginning. We will see what happens next.

FYI…I will no longer be referring to Trump as former President or giving him any title. He is many things, such as an extremist and insurrectionist. I do not believe the title of “President” belongs alongside his name.

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