This is just brutal for Donald Trump

The only hope the Democrats have of an impeachment trial conviction is if they make such a compelling case, it creates such overwhelming public demand for a conviction, Senate Republicans end up worrying that acquitting him could harm their reelection prospects. So far the Democrats are off to a particularly compelling start with the case they’re making.

Look at how many Republican Senators are suddenly announcing they won’t seek reelection. That’s because they know that no matter which way they vote on impeachment, it’ll harm their prospects. This trial will be a loss for the Republican Party, whether Trump is convicted or not.

If the republicans don’t convict Trump, it’s just going to increase the public’s appetite for Trump to be convicted when he’s eventually put on criminal trial.


This impeachment trial reminds me of the West Wing quote from the fictional President Bartlet: “Every once in awhile there’s a day with an absolute right and an absolute wrong, but those days almost always include body counts.” Trump’s incitement of insurrection resulted in a body count. He’s in the absolute wrong. Convict him.

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