Trump impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor goes completely off the deep end

Donald Trump had a difficult time finding someone to represent him in his second impeachment trial. He finally settled on Bruce Castor, a guy whose resume suggests that he’s familiar with how trials work, or how the law works, or what a lawyer does.

Unfortunately for Castor, his opening statement during today’s impeachment trial suggests that he’s never even so much as seen a rerun of Law & Order. At one point, we’re not making this up, Castor stopped to explain how record players work. At another point he stopped and explained why he’d removed a certain word from his prepared speech because he’d thought better of it, and in so doing he used that word several times. At time he sounded like a guy who was phoning it in because he knew he wasn’t going to get paid anyway.

One thing did stand out through all the incoherence. Bruce Castor made a point of explaining the difference between manslaughter and murder. It was totally out of place for the impeachment trial, and instead sounded like it belonged in a criminal trial. In fact we were left to wonder if Castor is planning to represent Trump at his inevitable criminal trial, and if he’s using this impeachment trial as a dress rehearsal.

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