Is This the GOP of the Future?

The Republican Party has doubled down on their support of the unsupportable. They have decided to embrace Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the craziness she has pedaled. Whether she continues to hold those beliefs or not, the fact that she believed those conspiracies at all, is a clear indication that she is not fit to lead. Yet, many House Republicans decided that her actions and words were not worthy of public condemnation, and they have played into the absurd notion that she is somehow a victim in this situation. They’ve decided that their loyalty is with Trump and his party, not the American people.

While their support for her shouldn’t surprise anyone, I didn’t think they could ignore the clear indications of her incompetence. I believed they would recognize the country’s need for honest leadership. I thought they’d see how her ignorance made her unfit to serve. I hoped that they’d somehow find the spines needed to do what’s right. But they did exactly what they’ve done for the last 4+ years. They stayed loyal to the party of Donald Trump, at the expense of the American people.

They stood by and watched as Trump spewed lies and vitriol. They allowed him to trample on democratic norms. They enabled his sense of entitlement and his belief that, as President, he could do anything he wanted. They refused to hold truth to power, and they should all be held accountable for the roles they played.


The Republican Party has shown us who they are. We see where their loyalties lie. We see their authoritarian distaste for dissent. We see through their lies and hypocrisy. History won’t forget where they stood when it really mattered. We will never forget how they put their own self-interests above truth, above unity, and above the people.

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