Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is trying to get people killed

You may have noticed that #CovidKim was trending on Twitter. What was the reason for this, you may ask? Well, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and her enablers in the Iowa Legislature have continued their smashing job managing the pandemic and keeping Iowa safe.

How have Reynolds and the Legislature responded to these challenges? Have they tried serious measures to contain the virus? Oh hell no. To date all their measures have been half-hearted at best. And they spent most of the time trying to actively sabotage measures to mitigate the pandemic. At the end of January the GOP dominated legislature first passed a bill requiring school districts to offer fully in-person learning, which Reynolds gleefully signed. Now she has decided to end just about all of the pandemic restrictions here in Iowa.

Reynolds’ latest order ends the limited mask mandate this state had, removed limits on public gatherings, and removed capacity limits on places like bars and restaurants. While I look forward to the days when we can all gather safely and not worry about things like masks, this is way too soon. Iowa just passed 5,000 deaths from COVID and is 46th out of 50 states in vaccine distribution.


Iowa is a perfect example of what happens when a state has a Trumpian government that has no intent of helping people. Trump may be gone but #CovidKim and the Iowa GOP worship him and are actively trying to sabotage President Biden. It’s at the point that I’m actively looking to move out of Iowa, and I’ve lived here my entire life. Iowa’s only hope now is that President Biden and Congressional Democrats will step up to the plate, because Iowa’s government has no intention of doing so.

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