Impeachment managers drop the hammer on Donald Trump

The Democrats have concluded their case in the impeachment of Donald Trump. The impeachment managers presented an intense and robust case. Not only did they demonstrate 100 percent that Trump is guilty of insurrection, but they also took the defense argument of free speech and tore it to shreds.

Of course, Trump’s rhetoric is not protected under the 1st amendment, and the Democrats showed this. The case was made with magnificence and profound wisdom, and I honestly cannot see how anyone could vote not to impeach.

Of course, some will not. Even if the violent and bloody attack had resulted in even more carnage, one could not imagine individual Senators like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz voting for impeachment. Why would they? They do not care what happened inside the Capitol. They care only about their jobs and how to keep them. So they pander, and they bootlick, all the while presenting an outside mask of concern, but that mask is an illusion and means nothing.

And some of them are not even pretending anymore. Case in point: Josh Hawley looking relaxed and unbothered, propping his feet up snugly. Did he seem the least bit concerned about anything that was being said?

But there is a chance some more Republicans may change their votes, especially after the abysmal performance we are about to witness by Trump’s snooze-worthy lawyers. It may still not be enough, but it will be a bi-partisan impeachment.

And we will let the world know about the Senators who chose to turn a blind eye. History will not be kind to them, and hopefully, neither will people at the voting booths.

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