Donald Trump Jr goes off the delusional deep end

All you have to do is watch Donald Trump Jr. in any of the disturbing videos he’s posted over the past few months and you can see that he’s barely functional. His declining physical condition and mental state in these videos suggests that if he’s not abusing drugs, then he’s suffering a psychological meltdown that mimics severe drug addiction.

Yet in an unintentionally hilarious twist of events, CNN has just posted an article with the headline “Donald Trump Jr. takes on new role as top adviser inside the Trump family.” Uh, wait a minute here. Even within the profoundly dysfunctional Trump family, no one is going to let Trump Jr be in charge of anything in his current condition. In fact it’s why we’ve seen Donald Trump reluctantly rely on Eric more and more as 2021 has gone on.

But this CNN article nonetheless claims that Donald Trump Jr. is not only running Donald Trump’s political operation, he’s spearheading a magical Donald Trump comeback in the 2024 presidential election. Given how blatantly the article paints Trump Jr as the hero of his own story, it’s painfully obvious that Trump Jr himself is the source for this story, and that he or someone close to him leaked the entire thing to CNN.

We’re not sure what’s more sad. We’ve got an increasingly addled Donald Trump Jr. delusionally leaking to the media that he’s somehow taken control of his father’s political agenda. We’ve got CNN regurgitating this delusional nonsense as if it were real, while omitting the fact that Trump Jr. has spent the past few months imploding in plain view. And we’ve got the media once again propping up the fantasy that Donald Trump is somehow magically going to be a candidate in 2024, when New York State will certainly have convicted and imprisoned him by then.

This is embarrassing all around. The Trump family has a long history of leaking this kind of nonsense to major media outlets, who then turn around and print that nonsense because 1) it’s good for ratings and 2) it means that same member of the Trump family will owe them an editorial favor later. But you’d think this practice would have stopped once Trump incited a domestic terrorist attack, got booted from office, and then descended into near-hiding and irrelevance. It would be one thing for Fox News to keep pulling this crap. We would have expected slightly better of CNN.

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