Here’s the thing about Liz Cheney’s tweet

By now, everyone has heard Liz Cheney’s snappy riposte to Donald Grump’s snide comment about her. She tweeted; “I like Republican presidents who win re-election”. Very quippy. Draws upon what Donald sneered about John McCain being a prisoner of war. That the Maser of Mar-a-Lago can’t tweet himself (ha!) added a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ – an elegant, poignant bitterness to her answer. It should also be pointed out that the tweet included a photo of Bush the Younger – W – who beat John Kerry with good ol’ Dick Cheney as VP on the GOP ticket.

That is what must be remembered about our current favorite Republican maverick. Ms Cheney may be assisting in reining in the lawless likes of Donald, Mo and Rudy but she is a Republican to her very core. That must be remembered. . Liz Cheney likes the likes of W and her dear ol’ dad, Mr Shoot-em-in-the-face.

With apologies to Machiavelli, the enemy of my enemy is never a friend but only a temporary ally – and never a trusted ally, for that matter.

The same goes for Mr Adam Kinzinger. He’s on the Select Committee dedicated to bringing the insurrectionists to justice. He loudly whinges about how the GOP has lost its way, yada-yada… But he’s still a Republican.


A word of caution: we must not fall prey to admiring the opposition or courting its favors. It must be kept in mind that as ghastly as the pre-Trumpian GOP is, the Reaganite GOP was abominable. If Liz likes Republican presidents who win, she most assuredly likes St Ronnie of the Shining Hoo-Ha as well as Georgie W. That should be a deal-breaker.

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