Ugly new scandal for South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

Governor Kristi Noem has a bit of a “situation” on her hands. Noem has been the center of controversy before. Most recently, she spent a fortune on an elegant and lavish desk for herself reportedly made by prisoners who may not have all been paid for their work.

Now, Noem is involved in another scandal. It has to do with her daughter.

Per the AP, Noem’s daughter wished to become a certified real estate appraiser. How sweet!

There was one small minor issue, though. The agency denied the application of Noem’s daughter.

These things happen. But apparently, they do NOT happen to Noem, who did not seem to take this news well.
Noem reportedly asked for a meeting with people at the agency.

You can guess how the story ends, can’ you?

Noem’s daughter got the certification.

AP also says that one of the officials part of the agency was pressured to take retirement.

But it gets worse.

Obviously, this is quite a scandal. And one would think Noem would want to address it.


Instead, Noem did have a hysterical melt-down in which she accused the media of “trying to destroy” her children.

This is a non-argument, or rather, it is an argument by a scandal-plagued Governor who seemingly could not answer the questions about her scandal and, taking a page out of IQ45’S playbook, chose to change the subject.


Noem is up there in incompetence, and I do hope the people of South Dakota see that and never elect her to any Office again.

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