Help always comes from the Democrats

Last night “All In with Chris Hayes” identified one of the biggest differences between Democrats and Republicans – you can count on Democrats to help low and middle class people. Roll back your mind to the early days of the former guy’s administration. Trump had announced that it would be ‘easy’ to replace the Obamacare with something better and cheaper – well they could not. No help here.

The GOP pushed through a Tax Relief Bill that helped the top 1% and corporations, with a super small tax benefit to lower income individuals that expires in 2025, while the help the top 1% gets, never expire. The expectation that ‘trickle down economics’ would work and corporations would hire more people at better salaries and pay existing staff more……it never happened in the past and it did not happen – no help here.

After the Covid-19 nightmare the ‘former one’s’ administration put through two relief packages, in March and December. Democrats supported those bills, wanted MORE for Americans in them, but supported them because they would help. They did not worry that Trump would use the relief bills as a way to hype how he always wants to help those in need. Trump could have run on how the March CARES Bill was his idea. We know he never has ideas to help anyone but himself.


Now, Republicans could have shown they really do want to help those in need, but they didn’t vote for the American Rescue Plan. Voters put enough Democrats in the Senate to assure its passage. Georgia voters knew what they needed to do and did it – thank you. But voter suppression efforts are more heavy handed than ever before….we can’t let that happen. What happened in GA made sure of what happened in DC.

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