This is really bad for Roger Stone

Over the weekend the Feds arrested an Oath Keepers member on charges related to the January 6th Capitol attack, who just happened to have been doing “security” for Roger Stone around the time of the attack. At the time, Palmer Report pointed out that the Feds would likely try to flip him against Stone, who is a far more highly valued target. Now it’s gotten a lot uglier for Stone.

On Tuesday night the Feds criminally charged a second Oath Keeper in the Capitol attack, who also provided “security” for Roger Stone. This doubles the odds that one of the two of them will flip on Stone. In fact it probably more than doubles the odds, because the Feds will likely inform these two men that there’s only one generous plea deal to be had, and that one of them had better consider flipping on Stone quickly before the other one does.

Even if one or both of these gentlemen cuts a swift plea deal against Roger Stone, the Feds will still have to build out their case against Stone from there, so we’re not necessarily expecting Stone to be arrested at any moment. But as the people around Stone keep getting arrested for their roles in the Capitol attack, it’s becoming more clear that Stone’s day in handcuffs is coming – and this time Donald Trump won’t be there to pardon him.

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