This isn’t too hard to figure out

As we saw in November and again in the Georgia runoffs, sufficient voter turnout ALWAYS overcomes voter suppression. They can enact all the obstacles they like. If we want it badly enough and we turn out in big enough numbers, we’ll win in 2022 and 2024, just like we won in 2020.

Yes, passing HR1 will help greatly. And that’s going to happen. But it’s not a magic wand on its own. Even with HR1, it’ll still come down to how badly we want it and how hard we work to drive and facilitate turnout. It always does.

– Donald Trump has apparently decided to spend his final days trying to steal all the donations that would have gone to the Republican Party, so he can funnel the money into his legal defense as he faces criminal trials. His life is basically over, and he’s looking to take the GOP down with him. In this instance, more power to him.

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