Good riddance to GOP Senator Roy Blunt

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As if having Senator Josh Hawley representing the great state of Missouri wasn’t bad enough, we also have Missouri Senator number two, Roy Blunt (not being blunt with the American people-insurrection party-Missouri). Blunt is not running for reelection, which is a good thing. Blunt appears to be trying to beat Hawley for taking the crown in Missouri stupidity.

Appearing on Chris Wallace this weekend, Blunt argued earnestly against a January 6th commission. Blunt offered up a ton of reasons for his decision, none of which made sense and all of which were ludicrous.

Blunt argued the real focus needs to be on the Capitol police and the need to train them better. This makes no sense since the Capitol police want the commission, and that would be one of the things the commission would look at.

Blunt also stated that it is “too soon” for a commission. He compared the starting of a January sixth commission to the 9/11 commission and said we should wait a proper amount of time to start one since that’s what we did for 9/11.

If this statement makes no sense to you, congratulations. It makes no sense to me either, and most likely, it doesn’t make sense to most individuals. Blunt also argued the commission might take “a couple of years in my view, to decide what happened inside the White House.”

Why? Mr. Blunt, you know that this commission would issue a report by the end of this year? Hardly a few years.

The truth is the GOP – all of them – are scrambling to come up with excuses to protect the former guy. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next excuse is that we need to find Hillary Clinton’s emails before starting a commission. Blunt is not blunt with the American people. Instead, he is making himself look like a fool. That is one Senator I am thrilled to see retire.

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