Ted Cruz is running scared

Ted Cruz is fighting President Biden’s nomination of Kristen Clarke to head the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, lying that she’s anti-police. This is just more evidence that Trumplicans are scared of her experience and qualifications, especially relating to voting rights.

Her nomination deadlocked in the Senate Judiciary Committee due to a tied vote, 11-11, along party lines. This means Chuck Schumer will need to bring a discharge position to the floor to pull the nomination out of committee for consideration by the full Senate.

Her position is expected to play a critical role in efforts to reform police practices and enforce voting rights laws, but I personally believe, as most likely does everyone else, that it is Clarke’s 5-star-rated experience as a voting rights attorney, as well as her math whiz status and cutting-edge gerrymandering experience, that have Republicans running scared. With her skills and knowledge, we may well be able to win voting rights wars against Republicans in Court, as well as pull some sly legislation out of a hat, so of course they are blocking her confirmation, as well as delaying it as long as possible.

Clarke frequently made headlines due to her smart and eloquent testimony at her confirmation hearings, despite often facing rude and crude, and even racist questioning by Republicans, attacking her record same as they did another woman DOJ nominee of color, Vanita Gupta. But they’ve already managed to delay Clarke’s confirmation over a month since her hearing. She is heavily qualified for the position and has experience working in the DOJ in the past.

Yet Ted Cruz has decried her as a “radical” and Republicans have falsely painted her as an advocate for defunding police. John Cornyn tried to get her with a “gotcha” question painting her as a racist, totally embarrassing himself for referencing a satirical paper she had written while at Harvard.


What the Trumplicans are not saying, coupled with Ted Cruz’s and others lies against her, are the biggest clue that they are really running scared of her and we need Kristen Clarke!

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