We told you Ron DeSantis would crash and burn like this

Most of the mainstream media has spent all of 2021 painting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as somehow being an inevitable frontrunner for president in 2024. But given that DeSantis only has mediocre numbers in Florida, and he’s an idiot who’s in over his head, and his fate is closely tied to Donald Trump’s plummeting fortunes, DeSantis is in real danger of not even surviving reelection in 2022.

Even as we wait for the 2022 Florida race for Governor to shape up, Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential pipe dream already appears to be bursting. He’s dropped an astounding thirteen points in one new poll. It’s not difficult to figure out why.

Whenever the mainstream media pushes a Republican out front early on in an election cycle and labels them a rising star or the future of the party, it usually ends up hurting that Republican. The resulting attention brings increased scrutiny with it. Then the people in the middle realize the “next big Republican thing” is an idiot, and they say so, and their Republican friends start to worry that maybe they’re backing the wrong horse, and so they instead go look for the next next big Republican thing.


Being pushed front and center by the mainstream media only helps a Republican candidate if 1) it’s someone who knows how to hold the spotlight without getting burned by it, or 2) it’s someone who gets pushed out front so late in an election cycle, there isn’t time for the scrutiny to kick in. Ron DeSantis has been pushed out front way too early, and he’s a withering idiot, so his 2024 numbers are plummeting just as we expected they would. Of course if we beat him in Florida in 2022, we won’t have to worry about him in 2024 at all.

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