Fox News stooge Maria Bartiromo goes completely of the deep end

Maria Bartiromo has been a fixture on various cable networks since the late 1980s. Once upon a time she was a respected journalist, noted for her particular expertise in the workings of the financial markets. Now, unfortunately, she’s a propagandist for Fox News, an entertainment and disinformation network for the far right. This weekend, Bartiromo interviewed Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), and the exchange was a lie-filled affair tailor-made for the Fox News audience.

Concerning the deadly delta Covid variant and elections, Bartiromo said this to Barrasso: “It’s all quite convenient with a year to go before the midterm elections. It doesn’t appear the Democrats can win on policy so what are we going to do? Have a lockdown in the summer of 2022 so that we ensure mail-in ballots are flowing from empty parking lots and dead people?” Naturally, Barrasso agreed wholeheartedly with this hogwash. Democrats have plenty of excellent policy for the American people, but having a narrow majority in Congress means Republicans are still able to obstruct more than they would in a true majority-rule democracy. Furthermore, the delta variant is lethal and not a “convenient” political ruse exploited by Democrats.

Continuing the falsehood-laden discussion, Barrasso appallingly said that Democrats’ desire “is to undermine elections and integrity of elections in this country, making it easier for Democrats to cheat.” As expected, Bartiromo concurred. Republicans are the ones who are seeking to pass voter disenfranchisement laws in dozens of GOP-led states, and they’re the one seeking to undermine our elections with mendacious tactics. While Democrats are fighting to ensure that all eligible citizens can cast their ballot as is their right, Republicans and their enablers like Bartiromo are hard at work seeking to suppress the vote through any means possible, and seeking to disseminate copious amounts of disinformation on myriad topics.

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