Even for Marjorie Taylor Greene, this is just plain disgusting

She was a menace to society. The menace was a Congresswoman, although few people knew what she did all day — other than insult people. She had been kicked off all her committees because it seemed she’d opted to act as a provocateur rather than a Congresswoman. Again and again, she would make a mockery of the office she was supposed to be representing.

Her racist and hateful rhetoric filled the air, permeating it with viciousness. Some people were even afraid of her. She was arrogant and boastful, apparently incapable of empathy or any emotion besides cruelty.

The halls of the Capitol had been wounded that terrible day on January Sixth. But the menace wasn’t trying to mend the wounds that continued to bleed. Indeed, she seemed to be going down a dark and festering hole with her continued rage.

She had a wicked laugh that chilled many. It was a bit eerie watching her as she showed a complete emptiness of soul.

She appeared not to believe in masks or the premise of COVID in general. Her latest stunt was to put up a “checkpoint” in the Capitol rotunda.

She named it “Covid Checkpoint Charlie.”

This fake checkpoint was comprised of a rope and stand.

“Nancy Pelosi will have you arrested,” the menace declared mockingly.

The Capitol had been through enough. Its wounds were slowly healing, but folks like the menace were making it challenging. People needed to intercede. And they did.

Security got involved. They removed the vile “checkpoint,” leaving Marjorie Taylor Greene fuming.

In the spirit of all psychopaths, she pouted and wailed.

But her morbid hate could not overcome the goodness of the people at the Capitol. The checkpoint was taken away. She was ignored. And at the end of that day, she stood alone, a fate far more lenient than the menace deserved.

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