Fox News is facing an existential nightmare

Fox News, America’s unfair and dishonest news station, is desperate for viewers. Since the election, their viewership has dropped as Trump fans – enraged at the network for calling Arizona for Biden and for daring to have a couple of anchors that sometimes tell the truth – have begun abandoning the network.

It was always going to happen. Fox News has been a right wing network forever, but during the Trump era, they went even more full on crazy, fostering a toxic but profitable relationship with Trump.

CNN Reliable Sources host, Brian Stelter, writes about this in his excellent book, Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth. Apparently, according to Stelter, the word “Hoax” was used around 900 times in Fox in just a six month period!

Fox news weaponizes anger and outrage. With everything to imaginary caravans coming to kill us all, to wars on Christmas, to our very way of life being in peril….Fox knows that anger sells and being in a perpetual state of rage snags viewers.


But apparently Fox is now not “Trumpian” enough for some viewers, because Fox News is not having a good month of ratings. As viewers abandon Fox for even more loony conspiracy outlets, like Newsmax, Fox will have to make a tough choice to make on how they proceed. Money will be at the root of their choice. The network exists in an alternative reality and there is not great reason to think it will change anytime soon.

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