Confirmed: New York prosecutors are indeed targeting Donald Trump for criminal indictment

Back when the New York criminal probe into the Trump Organization’s finances first became public, Palmer Report pointed out that prosecutors were clearly looking to end up criminally indicting Donald Trump himself for financial crimes; otherwise such a broad and aggressive probe would make no sense.

When New York prosecutors indicted the Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg this summer, we took this as confirmation that they were indeed looking to indict Donald Trump. Logic dictated that they were going after Weisselberg in order to flip him against Trump. Now there’s confirmation from inside.


The Daily Beast is citing “three sources close to the investigation” who are confirming that Donald Trump is indeed the real target of the New York criminal probe. So there you have it. If you’re a longtime Palmer Report reader, you’ve known this intuitively all along. But now there’s actual inside confirmation that Trump is the target – and these are the kinds of financial charges that people don’t magically get acquitted on. As we’ve said all along, Trump is going to prison.

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